Italy in the Second World War: the most important warbirds
of the Regia Aeronautica
and the Aviazione
della Repubblica sociale italiana
The Aeronautica Militare Italiana
from 1950 to 2000.
The warbirds of the Fifties, the first national projects,
the jet age,
the programs to come
Aircraft to remember, immortal warbirds
from every age
and nation,
interesting projects
in various stages
of development
These aircrafts can be freely used as contained in the package.
Every modifcation must be notified to the authors and approved by them in advance. Unless otherwise stated, all ACF files. 3d objectsand textures in this site are copyrighted by Paolo Matricardi. Every aircraft is covered by the X-PLANE GENERAL LICENSE
as stated in section 2.2 : "The package may be redistributed as is for non-commercial purposes only; derivatives MAY NOT be redistributed".
II World War
From 1950 to 2000
Aircraft to remember
My X-Planes
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